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Most Expensive Luxury Submarine in the World

Who did not get killed by curiosity while watching little mermaid and her the underwater world, overwhelmed with the desire to learn more about them? Okay, if Ariel, the little mermaid, wanted to be part of our human world, then, we have to admit that which are ready to switch places and roles and get to know part of her world, the world undersea.

Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht [$2.3 Billion]
Oh yeah! The world’s most expensive and most luxurious submarine-superyacht hybrid. Named after an albino whale. But what makes it special and impressive? Not only is Migaloo submarine/yacht, but also it is more like a floating city. Moreover, it boasts a 3-meter swimming pool, cinema room, helipad, library, gym, laundry room, and private lounges, elevator shafts, it a means to maneuver the levels, a two-level owner’s suite, eight VIP-suites, and a spacious over-bridge pass. Migaloo Submersible Yacht costs an arm and a leg -$2.3 billion, which makes it the jewel in the crown, compared to other private submarines.

Top 10 Most Expensive Watches In The World

There are two old wisdom say that “Time and tide stay for no man” and “Lost time is never found again”. From here, we can know exactly the extremely importance of the time in our lives and how to keep it. With organizing our time, everything can be done to the fullest. It isn’t only important, it can be also the most expensive thing in the whole world. Some’s, who knew the main importance of the time and wanted to add elegance, went out with attractive designs of watches, which mostly studded with rare and expensive diamonds. Here, we will display the top ten most expensive watches in the world.

10 Brequet Pocket Watch 1970 BA/12 – $734,000.

Brequet Pocket watch is very elegant as it is made ​​of 18 karat yellow gold. This watch is manually engraved on silver facial features of exquisite workmanship.         

9 Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication – $800,000

Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication is more than wonderful to wear. Its frame is made with platinum and the belt from crocodile skin. Most of the engine parts industry has been manually crafted and consisted of 740 pieces. Therefore, this is a unique clock of the most complex wrist watches in the world throughout the ages because of the infinite accuracy in handicrafts made

Louis Moinet Magistralis – $860,000.

This piece is unique one which has a special magnificent complex beauty. It is a watch for men which beautifully contains a piece of a real meteorite that was found on the surface of the moon. This watch is regarded as the most stylish and rarest watch in the world.

7 Hublot Black Caviar Bang – $1 million

Hublot Black Caviar was made in 2009. Its design came with high accuracy. It’s a classic clock hand, which covered with 501 baguette cut black diamonds and 18-carat white gold.

6 Chopard Super Ice Cube. $1.1 million.

This wonderful watch consists of 60 carats diamonds which cut into cubes. It is a watch and a luxury bracelet in the same time. It has not only a beautiful shape, but also is a water resistant to 100 feet and the resistance to scratches.

5 Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon. $1.3 million.

It is considered one of the most complicated wrist watches that was manufactured by Patek Philippe. This watch has a double face: one of them is about the aspects of the form of the night sky and the other front is also complex and consists of the time, date and moon phases. This gives spectacular views for the watch and makes it one piece of the modern art.

4 Vacheron Constatin Tour de I’lle. $1.5 million.

Tour de I’lle is the most complicated wristwatch in the world. It was manufactured by the manufacturer, Swiss Vacheron Constantin in 2005. This one was made ​​of gold and blue sapphire. It is characterized by the presence of non-reflective glass, as seen from both sides.

3 Patek Philippe Platinum World Time. $4 million.

This watch was designed by Patek Philippe and was sold at auction for $4 million in 2002. It was the most expensive wristwatch in the world in this time. This watch has a wonderful variety of finishes to choose from: yellow, white, rose, gold and platinum.

2 Patek Philippe Super Complication. $11 million.

It was made ​​by Patek Philippe for the banking Henry Graves Jr. in 1933. It is composed of 18 karat gold. It took more than five years of work to design this distinctive clock. It has many features such as mechanical timekeeping until after the basic.

1 Chopard 210 karat. $26 million.

This wonderful timepiece is the most expensive one in the whole world. It consists of various colored diamonds. It looks like the bracelet which encrusted by diamond. The jewelry in this watch make it seems as if flowers wrapped around it.

Platinum Arowana: Most expensive tropical fish ever sold

This is the most rare and most expensive fish in the world and it is so valuable that a microchip is implanted into it before it is allowed to mature sexually.  This fish can reach larger size dimensions and is found in several continents. It isn’t one of the best pet fishes to own

1993 Mumbai Blasts: This is why the ‘dream-city’ was rattled by multiple blasts

The convicts of the 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blasts Case, Abu Salem and Karimullah Shaikh have been sentenced to serve life imprisonment by special Terrorist and Disruptive Activity (TADA) Court on 7th September in Mumbai.
The reason behind this dreaded attack was to avenge the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya on December 6, 1992, claimed Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) counsel Deepak Salve on 16 June this year.
Addressing media after the court's order, Salve had said, "Mustafa Dossa conducted a conspiracy meeting in Dubai which was attended by Dawood Ibrahim and others. They hatched a conspiracy of Mumbai blast to take revenge of Babri Masjid demolition."
He further added that "the accused used to travel between Dubai and Pakistan for arms and ammunition training where Pakistan had given them green channel entry. Their targets were Indian politicians, high officials and Hindus".
257 people died while 713 others were injured after a series of bomb blasts rocked Mumbai City on March 12, 1993.
While Abu Salem and Karimullah Khan, were sentenced to life imprisonment, Riyaz Siddiqui has been sentenced for ten years.
Dossa had died on June 28 following which, the case against him was closed.
The CBI had claimed that the role of Dossa was "more severe" than Yakub Memon, who was hanged in July 2015 in the same case.
The CBI had also said that Dossa, Merchant and Feroz, were "main conspirators".
Arguments over the degree of sentences continued after the conviction in June and concluded on August 10.
All the accused were facing multiple charges like criminal conspiracy, waging war against the government and murder of people.
This was the second leg of the trial – in the first leg that concluded in 2007, the TADA court had convicted 100 accused in the case, while 23 people were acquitted.
The attacks were planned by Dawood Ibrahim, India's 'most wanted' fugitive who also has his name prominently figuring on the 'most wanted' lists of the US and the Interpol.

iPhone X: new Apple smartphone dumps home button for all-screen design

Apple has unveiled the iPhone X, its new radically redesigned smartphone that drops the traditional home button for an all-screen design, as well as a new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models.

Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, took to the stage of the company’s new Steve Jobs Theater situated within the brand new Apple Park “spaceship” headquarters to unveil the new iPhones.

The new $999 (£999 – there is dollar-to-pound equality on the new range of Apple products) iPhone X will come with the company’s new iOS 11 software featuring new on-screen buttons and gestures to replace the standard physical home button, which has been a mainstay of iPhones since the line’s launch in 2007, plus new animated emoji called Animoji.

The iPhone X, pronounced 10, will come in two colours, space grey and silver, and is available for pre-order on 27 October, and shipping by 3 November. A 256GB storage option will also be available for £1,149.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook said: “This is the iPhone X. It’s the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.”

Instead of pressing a button, users swipe up from the bottom to get to the home screen and swipe and hold to go into multitasking. To wake the device users just tap the screen or lift the iPhone, while control centre is now accessed by swiping down from top right corner of the phone.

The front of the device features a cutout at the top of the new OLED Super Retina display housing a new True Depth camera system for the Face ID facial recognition system and for taking selfies with Apple’s Portrait Mode. Apple says Face ID is capable of identifying the phone’s owner from a 3D scan of the face in order to unlockthe device, authenticate payments and input saved passwords into log-in screens as well as integrate into third-party apps.

Similar systems have been used by Microsoft for its Windows Hello-capable Surface computer line, but no one has yet cracked the technology on a smartphone. Apple said the system was capable of operating even when the user was wearing glasses, and only unlocks the phone when the user is actively looking at it.

The iPhone X does not include Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which was introduced in 2013 under the home button with the iPhone 5S.

But Apple said that its Face ID was more secure than Touch ID by a factor of 20, capable of discerning between the user’s real face and photographs and even Hollywood-level replica masks using the True Depth camera system, which projects an IR dot map onto the face to map it and works in the dark.

The rest of the device is made from stainless steel and glass, harking back to designs of the iPhone 4, and mirroring that of rival Samsung’s Galaxy S8 but without a curved screen. It marks a striking contrast to recent all-metal iPhone models, and remains to be seen whether it suffers from a similar level of fragility as rival glass-and-metal sandwich smartphones. Apple said the glass was the most durable ever fitted to a smartphone with metal reinforcement. The headphone jack is still gone too.

The iPhone X will have Apple’s latest processor, the A11 Bionic with an integrated Neural Engine for face recognition, which now has six cores – up from last year’s A10 with four cores. Apple said that the A11 had 30% faster graphics and was an up to 70% faster processor than the A10, while extending battery life by two hours over the iPhone 7 – a pain point for the majority of current iPhone users.

Apple also introduced Qi wireless charging to the iPhone line for the first time, which uses a a plate within the back of the phone to accept an inductive charge from a pad or a piece of furniture with wireless charging built in. It’s a feature that’s been standard in Samsung’s Galaxy S line of smartphones for the last three years and available with several other rivals, and removes the need to fiddle with a power cable to charge your smartphone.

The back of the iPhone X has Apple’s now familiar dual camera system, which debuted on 2016’s iPhone 7 Pluswith one wide-angle camera and one “telephoto” camera capable of giving the phone a two-times optical zoom, but orientated vertically rather than horizontally. Both cameras have new 12-megapixel sensors, optical image stabilisation and Apple said that it had improved its computational photography system to produce better, more detailed images.

Part of the improved system is a new version of the company’s Portrait Mode, which allows users to artificially blur the background to create a shallow depth of field, similar to that created by dSLR cameras, and change the lighting effects across the subject’s face. Rivals Samsung and others have also shipped similar features, with inherent flaws around fine detail such as hair. It remains to be seen whether Apple’s system can fix those problems.

Apple also unveiled new animated emoji characters it calls “animoji”, which allow users to map facial expressions on to little characters, such as a robot, fox, unicorn, or anthropomorphised poo using the iPhone X’s facial recognition system. The animoji can only be sent to other Apple users through the company’s Messages app.

Ben Wood, chief of research for CCS Insight said: “The iPhone X is the blueprint for the iPhone’s new hardware direction. An OLED display and the new design is likely to standard on future iPhone models, but Apple must first tackle the challenge of obtaining sufficient supply.

“A staggered introduction of OLED technology and the new design enables Apple to steadily ramp up scale in its supply chain and maximise profits. The relatively high prices of the iPhone X are a necessary and important mechanism to control demand in the near term.”

Fanged creature found on Texas beach after Hurricane Harvey

Fanged creature found on Texas beach after Hurricane Harvey

A mysterious fanged sea creature that washed up on a beach in Texas following Hurricane Harvey has been identified.

Preeti Desai found the decaying fish on a beach in Texas City, and asked Twitter for help. 

She posted several photos with the caption: “Okay, biology twitter, what the heck is this?”

Her request was passed to biologist and eel specialist Dr Kenneth Tighe, who believes it is a fangtooth snake-eel.

He said it may also be a garden or conger eel, because “all three of these species occur off Texas and have large fang-like teeth”.

It is thought that Hurricane Harvey, which brought strong winds and flooding to Texas, could explain why the creature was washed up.

The fangtooth snake-eel, also known as a “tusky” eel, is usually found in waters between 30 and 90 metres deep in the western Atlantic ocean.

Ms Desai, who was at the beach assessing the damage from the hurricane, told the BBC: “It was completely unexpected, it’s not something that you’d typically see on a beach. I thought it could be something from the deep sea that might have washed on to shore.”

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“My main reaction was curiosity, to figure out what the heck it was,” she added.

Ms Desai said she posted the images on Twitter because she knows a lot of scientists use it, and a friend soon responded and contacted Dr Tighe. 

“I follow a lot of scientists and researchers. There’s such a great community of these folks that are very helpful, especially when it comes to answering questions about the world or identifying animals and plants,” she said.

She said she left the eel on the beach “to let nature take its course”.

Facebook to trim advert categories aimed at ‘anti-Semites’

Facebook to trim advert categories aimed at ‘anti-Semites’

is reviewing its ad targeting system after investigators found they could direct ads to self-described anti-Semites.

Researchers at ProPublica found several ad categories for people who had declared that they “hated” Jews.

Facebook said its algorithms automatically created the categories when analysing user interests. 

It said it would trim the number of categories available and check the list before letting advertisers see it.

The ProPublica researchers found the anti-Jewish categories while conducting a larger investigation into the way Facebook targets adverts at users.

To find out if the classifications were real, it bought ads that combined the three separate anti-Semitic categories with several others that were about far-right topics. 

‘Discrimination prohibited’

ProPublica said it had to use several categories because Facebook would not let it buy adverts for the small number of users who had described themselves as being anti-Semitic. One category had only two Facebook users in it.

The three adverts it prepared, which advertised ProPublica’s work, were approved and posted to the news feeds of the people who had revealed they were interested in the right-wing topics.

The data informing the advertising categories on Facebook was generated automatically, said the ProPublica reporters, and was created from content people explicitly shared on the site as well as by what they revealed via their activity.

In a statement, Rob Leathern, product management director at Facebook, said it had now removed the “targeting fields”. The social network said no-one appeared to have used the ad categories before ProPublica uncovered them. 

Mr Leathern said Facebook did not allow hate speech to appear on its site. 

“Our community standards strictly prohibit attacking people based on their protected characteristics, including religion,” said Mr Leathern, “and we prohibit advertisers from discriminating against people based on religion and other attributes.”

However, he said, there were times when information appeared on Facebook that violated its standards. 

He said it was building “guardrails” into its processes to stop offensive self-reported profile traits being used as ad categories.

“We know we have more work to do,” he said.

Hope Hicks: How will new communications chief handle the president?

Hope Hicks: How will new communications chief handle the president?

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES

The communications office of the Trump campaign was staffed by Hope Hicks, the press secretary – and it was a disaster. 

To be fair, the office was run with a skeleton staff. But reporters couldn’t get calls returned, and things were chaotic. Somehow she survived.

Now in the Trump White House, a place where loyalty is often valued over competence, she’s been promoted.

The president is hard on his communications staff, showing little patience when aides are not conveying messages in the way he wants.

Two previous directors – Mike Dubke and Anthony Scaramucci – departed quickly. Sean Spicer, who served as press secretary, is also gone.

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Cult actor Harry Dean Stanton dies at 91

Harry Dean Stanton pictured in 2013Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionHarry Dean Stanton, pictured in 2013

Actor Harry Dean Stanton, known for his roles in films like The Godfather II, Alien and Cool Hand Luke, has died of natural causes at the age of 91.

The Kentucky-born star had a career which spanned more than six decades, appearing in dozens of films, including 1984’s Paris, Texas and Repo Man.

More recently, he appeared in the hit HBO show Big Love, and this year’s revival of the cult classic Twin Peaks.

Stanton’s last role was in Lucky – a film to be released later this month.

He died at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles on Friday, his agent John Kelly said in a statement.

He said Stanton was “beloved in the entertainment industry” and earned a reputation for his “meticulous preparation” and easygoing personality.

Twin Peaks creator David Lynch, who cast Stanton in his films The Straight Story, Inland Empire and Wild at Heart, among others, said: “There’s nobody like Harry Dean. Everyone loved him. And with good reason. He was a great actor (actually beyond great) – and a great human being – so great to be around him!!!”

John Carpenter, who directed Stanton in Escape from New York, paid tribute to the actor, calling him “a wonderful man”.

Stanton had credited his close friend Jack Nicholson with giving him a key professional advice – “let the wardrobe do the acting and just play yourself”.

“After Jack said that, my whole approach to acting opened up,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

Stanton was born in West Irvine in 1926 to a tobacco farmer father and a cook mother.

He was a cook on board a ship during the battle of Okinawa in 1945 during his US Navy service in World War Two.

He became interested in acting during his time studying at the University of Kentucky.

Stanton was also a musician and singer, performing regularly in Los Angeles.


Hover like a cloud nearly 6,000 ft above sea level at Vagamon. Mist-clad meadows, crisp breeze, tea gardens, and the shola forests add to the charm of this hill station. Kolahalamedu hill, located 4 km from Vagamon, provides the perfect platform for paragliding. Over 3,000 feet in height, it has a 10 km long ridge that is perfect for take-off and landing. This year, the paragliding season will start from October and offers great flying conditions until January. 
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