Most Expensive Luxury Submarine in the World

Who did not get killed by curiosity while watching little mermaid and her the underwater world, overwhelmed with the desire to learn more about them? Okay, if Ariel, the little mermaid, wanted to be part of our human world, then, we have to admit that which are ready to switch places and roles and get to know part of her world, the world undersea.

Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht [$2.3 Billion]
Oh yeah! The world’s most expensive and most luxurious submarine-superyacht hybrid. Named after an albino whale. But what makes it special and impressive? Not only is Migaloo submarine/yacht, but also it is more like a floating city. Moreover, it boasts a 3-meter swimming pool, cinema room, helipad, library, gym, laundry room, and private lounges, elevator shafts, it a means to maneuver the levels, a two-level owner’s suite, eight VIP-suites, and a spacious over-bridge pass. Migaloo Submersible Yacht costs an arm and a leg -$2.3 billion, which makes it the jewel in the crown, compared to other private submarines.